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J. Drasner & Co. is now part of HB Chemical.  Please note our new location and contact information below.

Melt points as low as 61 degrees celciusJ. Drasner & Co. supplies low melting batch inclusion bags and film to rubber and plastics manufacturers worldwide.

At J. Drasner & Co., customer satisfaction means providing the best price/performance products possible. Our goal is Total Commitment to meeting customer expectations by supplying defect-free products using the latest technology to meet their additive and batch inclusion packaging needs.

Benefits of working with J. Drasner & Co:

  • We are recognized as a leading supplier of chemical additives, batch inclusion bags, and film.
  • We supply to major tire producers, custom rubber mixers and rubber chemical suppliers throughout the world.
  • Superior technical knowledge of the products.
  • Complete range of melting points available made from a wide variety of polymer films.
  • As a supplier of chemical additives, we understand the importance of film composition and other key properties. This is critical because the bags become an integral part of the final product.
  • Flexibility in terms of small runs, short lead times, and custom bag sizes.
  • Unmatched customer service.
  • Our Quality System is ISO 9001:2015 registered.
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